Organic and Natural; GLOMALIN was born out of the idea that our skin is porous and about 60% of what we put on it enters our body.  With this idea in mind we wanted to develop skin care and personal care products for ourselves that were derived from as much organic and natural ingredients as possible without adding synthetic chemicals and preservatives.


I was given a free sample with my start up kit from the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.  The Moisturizing Face Cream leaves the skin soft with no oily feel, I absolutely love it.  I will definitely be recommending the Glomalin line to my clients.

Delina Kingston, Ontario

I absolutely love them and was eager to try more. I've been using the samples exclusively for about 2 weeks (trying to stretch out every last bit!). I will happily spread the word, too. I am really happy with this skincare. I strive to use nothing but simple and organic products and this really hit the spot!

Leah Haliburton, Ontario

These past 2 years I've been on a quest to find a skin care line I can 'settle' with. This is my 5th skin care line and after the first use I just knew this was it. Arriving at work, after a weekend of use, two of my co-workers commented on how nice my skin was. Putting hand to face is a real pleasure when the softness greets it.
Michele Toronto, Ontario

The rich application and nourishment of Glomalin immediately felt great, however, it was the light weightless feeling that resided on my skin that impressed me most. It feels like a complete overhaul on my skin to rebalance moisture. 

I knew my skin felt great but  within 48 hours of using Glomalin,first thing in the morning, via FaceTime,  both my younger sister AND husband commented on how youthful and fresh I looked! I was officially in love from that point forward. I appreciate the sourcing and conscience behind the products and how they support my beliefs and make me look and feel fabulous! 

Orangeville, Ontario