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Diabetic Skincare

Diabetic Skincare

Diabetic Skincare

If you are someone with diabetes, you know how important it is to take care of your body and skin. Having diabetes means that any minor injury and skin issues such as cuts, scrapes, and common infections can lead to serious health consequences. 1 in 3 people with diabetes will get a skin rash or another form of skin issue at some point in their lives. Keeping the skin hydrated and clean is essential for protecting the skin from harmful infections, as well as using products specifically designed for diabetic skincare. 

Tips for protecting the skin for those with diabetes and using the correct diabetic skincare: 

  • Avoid hot showers and baths
  • Hot showers and baths can dry out this skin, leading to skin irritation. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and does not try out the skin.

  • Be cautious of extreme weather conditions.
  • When dealing with diabetes, having too damp or too dry skin can be problematic. Sweltering weather can cause clammy/sweaty skin, leading to bacteria overgrowth and causing issues such as athletes’ feet. In frigid weather, the skin can become too dry, causing skin irritation which can also become more serious.

  • Avoid products with a lot of chemicals.
  • Products with too many chemicals can dry out the skin, which can cause skin irritation and lead the skin to become susceptible to skin infections. Make sure to use products nourishing on the skin and provide moisture without harmful ingredients. 


    Glomalin is an excellent option for those who have diabetes as our products work perfectly as diabetic skincare. Why? Because Glomalin products are chemical-free, making them safe for those with diabetes. Glomalin’s moisturizing hand and body cream also contain ingredients such as vitamin E, which protect cells from damage. 

    Lavender essential oil is another ingredient found in Glomalin products; lavender is known to prevent/ treat fungal infections, a common skin infection for those with diabetes. Sweet orange essential oil contains antibacterial properties that can also prevent skin infections. Our products contain ingredients that help the skin and body heal itself rather than cause damage, infections, and irritation. 

    Glomalin was formulated to keep those with illness and disease in mind. Glomalin prides itself on being the top chemical-free company of its kind. Try Glomalin if you have diabetes and need products that will not cause irritation or trigger skin infections.


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