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The Origin of Glomalin

It was the fall of 2015 when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  After having cancer removal surgery that winter, the doctors told us that the cancer had spread and that any further surgical removal was no longer an option. Not wanting to go through chemo and radiation, we seeked out other options for him, where we found ourselves under the care of holistic medicine.  The holistic practitioner, amongst other things, had us switch all of our food to organic and at the same time we made an effort to switch our personal care products to organic as well. This lead me to a constant practice of reading ingredient labels with intensity and looking up the harms of chemicals in all the products that we were consuming.

What I discovered was that even the most high quality products actually contained chemicals that could have long term effects on a person's health. As you may or may not know, many personal care products contain chemicals that are derived from petroleum, called petroleum by-products.  Our skin is highly absorbent and these petroleum by-products can bio-accumulate in the soft tissue of our bodies and cause chronic illnesses like cancer. Unfortunately, we were unable to find products that were absent of these petroleum by-products, and other chemicals at affordable prices and even the ones that were supposedly organic still used fillers and preservatives, or were not very good quality. 

Unable to outsource for a solution, in 2016 I started brainstorming how we could develop and make products that would meet our requirements for organic, natural skin care that actually worked.  My very first product was our Moisturizing Face Cream which many of our customers now know and love.  Developed after a number of trials, I came up with this rich and thick moisturizer that works all year round but is especially great as a barrier against the cold and dry weather, keeping your face looking dewy and youthful. A product that is resilient through even the toughest environmental conditions.   

The simple ingredients in this master moisturizer? Natural avocado and apricot kernel oils, beeswax, vitamin E, and 100% organic frankincense and lavender essential oils. Today the company has 13 different products with more products in the wings to be introduced. We sell everything through our online store and at a number of retailers in Ontario and across Canada and we are now available The Domes Retreat in New Mexico, USA.  More retail locations are being added all the time so please stay tuned on our website for these new additions.

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