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In March Enjoy Lip Balm on Us!

I freely admit it; I love winter, its one of my favorite seasons.  I can tell you that saying this around a bunch of warmth loving Canadians that flock to the sunny south during the cold months is a risky thing.  But there it is, so admitting this also requires that I admit that I have to take steps to ensure full enjoyment of winter conditions such as having down filled coats and sheepskin lined boots for cold winter walks.  I also take steps to protect and sooth any exposed skin on my face which includes essential lip care and I do this with our very own lip balms.

At GlomalinTM we have formulated good smelling, soothing and protective lip balms and I use every one of them, my personal favorite is Orange Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, which comes with or without tint and contains Organic Cocoa ButterCacao beans have been harvested for centuries to create Cocoa Butter. This smooth emollient with a mild aroma has been used for centuries as a moisturizer that heals and protects skin that is exposed to the harsh effects of the sun and the wind.  Here’s a little background on this protective butter:


Most commonly identified as the ingredient that gives chocolate its substance, consistency, and melting property, Cocoa Butter is a rich natural fat derived from the cacao beans contained inside the pods of the Cacao Tree. This botanical is also recognized as the Cacao Tree and the Chocolate Tree, the latter name being derived from the Mayan term “Xocolatl” – their word for chocolate, which they derived from the Cacao tree.

In West Africa, where more than half of the world’s commercial cocoa is produced, and in parts of Central and South America as well as in the Caribbean – countries to which they are indigenous – Cacao beans have been harvested for centuries to create Cocoa Butter.

It is believed that the Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez introduced the Cacao tree to Europe. Cortez, while visiting an Aztec community shared a chocolate drink with their emperor, after which he introduced the drink and its brewing equipment to the Spanish court in 1528.The cultivation of Cacao trees in Europe soon migrated East, eventually allowing them to become an international botanical. In 1828, a scientist named Conrad Von Houten invented the Cocoa press to extract a purer chocolate. It was during the Cacao bean pressing process that Cocoa Butter was discovered.


Used topically, Cocoa Butter melts at body temperature and works to naturally soothe dry, sensitive skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of scars and unwanted marks. Its richness in vitamins and anti-oxidants makes it ideal for use as a moisturizer that promotes skin health. By creating a protective barrier between skin and the harsh, weathering environmental elements, Cocoa Butter’s saturated fats allow skin to retain its required moisture, thereby restoring the health of it by remaining on the skin for hours despite being easily absorbed. The polyphenols in Cocoa Butter are known to diminish the appearance of aging by enhancing skin’s moisture content, skin tone, elasticity, and collagen production. By deeply penetrating skin to offer intense hydration, Cocoa Butter boosts dermal circulation while facilitating the reparation of damaged skin as well as the growth of newer, healthier skin that looks and feels younger, softer, and smoother. Cocoa Butter is believed to have photo-protective properties that serve to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation.

GlomalinTM would like you, our customers to enjoy the benefits of Organic Cocoa Butter in our lip balms and will include a free Orange Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with every online order during the month of March. 

Enjoy the last of winter with us!


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