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Summer Skin by Glomalin®

Summer Skin by Glomalin®

The summer can be an excellent time for outdoor activities like swimming, tennis, boating, and camping. Those beautiful, warm, sunny summer days and weeks can give us a beautiful and healthy glow, but if we don’t look after our skin during summer, it can become dry and age prematurely.


The Glomalin® line can restore moisture lost during sun exposure, make your skin look supple and smooth, and leave it feeling hydrated and full of youth. 


Your first step of protection is using the newly released Glomalin Sun Care, formulated for an SPF of 30. Our organic sun care lotion is a must for your summer outdoor activities! Once your day is over, take a nice, warm shower and exfoliate with one of our yummy scrubs, Citrus Salt Scrub or Coconut Sugar Scrub


Exfoliating or removing dead skin cells before moisturizing gets your skin ready to maximize absorption of our Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream, which is available in 3 handy sizes. For your face, cleanse and exfoliate without drying using our Coconut Oil Cleanser. Then spritz our refreshing Rosewater Toner on your face to tighten pores and balance the skin’s pH while enjoying the heavenly scent of organic roses. 


Either remove the excess toner or let it air dry before applying our Anti Aging Face Serum or our Moisturizing Face Cream to replenish any moisture lost to sun exposure. 


When it comes to summer-ready feet, we use our Winter Hand Balm daily to keep calluses at bay and apply Glomalin Lemon Cuticle cream to keep cuticles soft, pliable, and good-looking. 


At Glomalin®, we want our customers to enjoy summer skin all summer long! For the month of August, any online order will receive a 2 oz jar of our Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream for free!


Thank you for your business and have a wonderful summer!

Angella Hughes

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