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The Case for Vegan in a COVID World

I think we all have it in our mind that the source of modern day pandemics for the most part is how we treat our food supply; specifically how we raise animals to feed humanity.  It has been pointed out by many that the conditions under which the majority of animals are raised (factory farms) is inhumane and that these same conditions contribute to the spread of viruses from animals to humans and with our globalized economy, now more than ever these viruses can spread worldwide easily and swiftly and become what we all know today as a global pandemic with untold human health and economic consequences. 

There are also those among us that now say, one way to address this problem would be for humans to switch from a carnivore diet to an omnivore or herbivore diet, i.e. become a vegan.  There are arguments against this of course; such as: we can’t get the nutrients to sustain whole health from a strictly plant based diet.  But with the ever increasing challenges around the way we raise animals to feed the planet the choice for many is becoming clearer….

“After all, industrial animal agriculture poses not just short-term problems; it is at the root of so many of the world’s most pressing long-term challenges: climate change, chronic disease, antibiotic resistance, species extinction, and deforestation. Most disturbingly, it is responsible for deadly swine flu (CDC 2009) and bird flu (CDC 2015) pandemics of the past. The human death rate for H5N1, a strain of bird flu, surpasses that of COVID-19 (CDC 2015). Almost certainly, it will cause pandemics of the future, unless we act now. As one scientist warns, factory farms are “the most likely epicenter of the next pandemic”. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations even stated that “livestock health is the weakest link in our global health chain”.”1

….going vegan for many becomes the obvious choice that an individual can make to affect positive change to address these challenges. 

Glomalin as an organization has decided that our response to COVID will be to work to convert all our products to vegan and the first product we have taken this action with is our bestselling Moisturizing Face Cream, we have made it 100% plant based by exchanging bees wax in the ingredients for a plant based wax called Candelilla Wax.  I encourage you to buy this product and help us do our part supporting sustainable food production for the planet, shop Glomalin.

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