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WINTER BALM for your feet

Our customer’s share…..

“I’ve suffered from the ugliest feet for a very long time, deep cracks and calluses that caused pain on a daily basis. I’ve tried everything, products from the pharmacy, wrapped my feet in Vaseline and then plastic wrap (slept like that), even a chiropodist that I would see every 4-6 weeks. She would take a scalpel and carve the calluses off.  Nothing seemed to work.

I’ve been a diabetic for well over 30 years so taking care of my feet is very important and having these deep cracks could lead to infections or worst case scenario a loss of my leg. So I was willing to try just about anything.

So that being said when I started using Glomalin® I was very skeptical, but when my good friend told me about her sister’s products I thought I would be the supportive friend and give it a try, couldn’t hurt right?

Well I am so happy that I did. Within a couple of weeks of using the Winter Balm on my heels the cracks started disappearing the calluses were softer. I still file my feet once in a while maybe once a week or so, but I don’t have pain anymore. I’m not worried about cracks getting infected. Plus I wasn’t embarrassed to wear sandals this summer. When I say Glomalin® products were life changing I absolutely mean it.”

Laurie – Ottawa

Laurie from Ottawa, thank you for your kind words about our products and for sharing. To celebrate we are going to share our Winter Balm with our other online customers.  Winter Balm is a thick and rich moisturizer that is great for extremely dry and cracked hands and feet, containing both Shea and Cocoa Organic Butters along with Sunflower, Avocado and Olive Oils.  In the month of November online orders over $50 will receive a 1 oz Winter Balm, free to help get your extremities through our cold Canadian winter.

Glomalin® & You Feeling Good in 2019

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