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How Glomalin Helps With Eczema

How Glomalin Can Help With Eczema

How Glomalin Helps With Eczema

While there are many types of eczema, atopic dermatitis is the most common type.  Many people think of it as simply a skin condition, but atopic dermatitis is actually a chronic (persistent, recurring, and long-lasting) inflammatory disease of the immune system. 

The exact cause of eczema is still unknown, but genetics and environmental factors are believed to impact your condition—as well as your immune system. Only your doctor can determine if you have eczema, what type it is, and what the appropriate treatment might be.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) may be characterized by:

Skin that is dry, red, or discolored

Intense itch and inflammation - You probably just know it simply as “itch,” but the medical term is actually “pruritus.” Pruritus is one of the most common symptoms associated with eczema, and you probably already know, it can be intense, unpleasant, and it can keep returning.

Scratching can worsen a continuous itch-scratch cycle of skin damage, inflammation, and worsening itch. This intense itch is experienced by many patients with eczema, and it’s associated with sleep disturbances as well as decreased quality of life.

Unpredictable flare-ups (when your symptoms worsen suddenly)

While we don’t currently have a cure for eczema, there are treatment options available to help manage the disease.


What Our Customers Say About Glomalin and Eczema

Some of Glomalin’s customers have said that they have Eczema and that finding products that won’t irritate this condition can be tough.  The following is a testimonial from one of our customers with this condition on their face:

“I am a thirty-six-year-old woman with semi-sensitive, average (not too oily or dry) skin. I was brought up on Nivea cream imported from Germany and had found that to be the only product that nourished, or so I thought, my skin enough that it didn't dry out during the day. I had tried a few others over the years such as Ponds and some sort of "natural" version of Nivea but found that they both absorbed so quickly and in turn dried out my skin. Not to mention red blotches and dryness. So I stuck to plain, old Nivea. I began working at a health food store that also carried a number of organic and natural skin-care products, none of which ever worked for my skin. From drying it out to rashes, etc. So once again, back to Nivea.   Now that I am thirty-six and a working mum that stresses entirely too much, I realized that I would like something "better". That I'd try again. Something that would reduce my crow's feet and little wrinkles as well as something that would sooth and help firm up my skin. (It's weird when things begin to sag!). So, Angella came by my store and gave me some samples of Glomalin. I was somewhat hesitant because I had had such bad "luck" with many other products but thought, it's local, natural and something new and I need something for my aging skin. So I tried the anti-aging face serum as well as the rose water toner and the moisturizing face cream. I have NEVER used anything SO perfect! After washing my face with warm water and a gentle, natural cleaner, I spray on a spritz or two of the lovely-smelling rose water toner and instantly my face looks even-toned and feels "happy" and soft. Then in the morning I apply the moisturizing face cream. It is not heavy and has a gentle scent and it literally keep my face even and moisturized all day in all weather...cold, sun and rain! Then in the evening I cleanse again, use the toner and apply the serum. At that point it's like my face is in a spa. The oils in the serum are so soothing and keep my face feeling light and soft all night. I actually look forward, truthfully, to my night-time face-care regime. I also suffer from eczema around my eyes and since using the serum, my eyes are SO much better! I can honestly say that Glomalin has been a God-send and I will never go back!



Grounded Roots Shoppe

Shelburne, ON

Eczema Skin Care Solutions

Try Glomalin For Your Eczema

Another product that has had some success with Eczema on hands and feet is our Winter Hand Balm, a rich soothing cream that contains both Shea and Cocoa Butters and has proved to be non-irritating on Eczema.  Until November 30th, 2021, every online order will receive a free 1 oz Winter Hand Balm absolutely free.

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