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Self-care, more important now than ever....

I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking very hard on what would be an appropriate topic for the times of COVID-19, as there is so much confusing and downright scary information said and written about the virus and I feel a lot of fear out there around what people think the virus could do to them, their friends and family.  Often times a sense of fear comes out of feeling powerless over the circumstances that we presently find ourselves in and information around this virus is certainly making people feel powerless over their own and their loved ones well-being.  So, other than taking control by social distancing, self-isolating and hand washing, there are other ways we can take control.  One is to develop a focus on self-care.  By definition, I think self-care could be described as developing a life balance that ensures our body and mind are nourished to create the best operating physical and mental version of ourselves that is possible.  This balance has an additional benefit in that it typically means that we have strengthened our immune system to combat threats from outside our body.  In my daily routine I try to eat healthy (preparing most of my food from scratch if possible), exercise, and sleep for 8 hours a night, read, work, play and drink plenty of water.  I also have a daily skincare regime that is designed to cleanse, detox, rejuvenate and protect.  Glomalin® skincare products are designed and developed with a focus on plant based certified organic ingredients that cleanse, detoxify, protect and enhance the wellness of your physical and mental being.  Using Glomalin® products, my daily skincare regime is as follows describing the benefits to each step, daily:

Cleanse with Coconut Oil Cleanser contains mainly organic coconut oil that has anti-fungal properties with the addition of lemon essential oil that has known anti-viral properties, sodium bicarbonate exfoliates the skin which assists to detoxify. 

Tone with Rosewater Toner where the smell of roses can have an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect, certainly useful in the times of COVID-19.  As a toner, rosewater normalizes the pH of the skin, can tighten pores and even out the appearance of skin-tone.

Moisturize with Moisturizing Face Cream containing as its main ingredient Avocado Oil, a vitamin rich oil that penetrates and protects the skin making it look plumper and feeling softer.  This rich face cream also contains lavender essential oil demonstrating helpful properties against flu and frankincense essential oil – beneficial against anxiety and stress related conditions, having amongst its physical properties the ability to slow down and deepen the breath.  It should be noted that all the products in this skincare regime contain lavender and frankincense essential oils.

At night, hydrate and rejuvenate with Anti-Aging Face Serum containing Organic Rosehip Seed Oil a source of essential fatty acids which can reduce inflammation, control blood clotting on the skin, boost immunity and reduce the appearance of aging.  This effective serum also contains organic frankincense and lavender essential oils and also patchouli essential oil that is effective against eczema, fungal infections and has anti-aging properties as well.

During COVID-19 social distancing we will include a travel package of all the products listed above with online orders over $75 (Shop Now), so that you can be travel ready when the world gets turned back on.  Let’s use this time to practise self-care and take control over our well-being as best we can. 

- Angella

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