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The Best Natural and Best Organic Skincare in Canada

Best Natural Organic Skin Care in Canada

The Best Natural and Best Organic Skincare in Canada

I’m sure you’re thinking, that’s quite a claim, but we’re confident that we are right and here’s why:

  • Ingredients
  • If you review the ingredients in any of our products, you will note a couple of things. First, there are very few of them and they are all recognizable as coming from either water or plants, which fits them in a category of botanicals. Botanical skin care involves using natural extracts and oils from plants and flowers in their purest forms and formulating them into botanical skincare products.  Combining these techniques with modern science yields high-performance skincare products that are both safe and effective.  Second, most of these ingredients and in some of our products, 100% of the ingredients are derived from organically farmed botanicals.  This has benefits for us and for the environment.  Organically farmed botanicals mean that these plants were grown without the use of or involving chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents, which means that this type of farming has much fewer negative impacts on our natural environment and that the oils and extracts we use that come from these types of farming methods will contain zero artificial agents that could be harmful to our bodies.  Our skin is porous, so anything we put on our skin can make its way into our bloodstream. This is what helps add to our claim of Glomalin being the best organic skincare in Canada.

  • Performance
  • Skincare products that are derived mainly from botanicals tend to have much higher performance.  There are many ways to define skincare performance, but a few that we have noticed: 

    • Anti-inflammatory - Studies have shown that certain botanical ingredients help treat inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. These conditions affect the texture and appearance of your skin. They can also cause a person discomfort due to the pain and itching they can experience. 
    • Filled with Antioxidants - Antioxidants work to protect the cells in our body from free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable atoms that react with other molecules or atoms in your body, causing stress, damage, and ageing symptoms. They can damage the delicate inner or outer layer of our body's cells. If your cells are exposed to free radicals over a long period of time, it will result in your skin starting to show early signs of ageing. Your skin will start to appear sallow, dull, or grey. You can also experience a loss of elasticity in your skin and an increase in wrinkles. Antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, will provide your cell's with natural protection. They will also assist with skin regeneration. These antioxidants are found in many plant-based products.
    • Anti-Ageing - Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays is one of the primary causes of premature skin ageing. You can also experience this through tanning beds. Your skin and complexion will start to look older than it actually is. Some symptoms of early skin ageing include:
      • Uneven skin tone
      • Wrinkles
      • Freckles
      • Sun, age, or dark spots
      • Dryness

    If you need to remedy any of these issues, many natural skincare products contain ingredients designed to slow down the ageing process. Many plant-based ingredients contain a high amount of antioxidants that work to aid and prevent the skin's ageing.

    • Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial - There are bacteria that live in your skin's microbiome. They don't cause any harm to your skin, but there are certain types of bacteria that can invade your microbiome and cause damage. Many botanical ingredients provide anti-bacterial/anti-microbial benefits. A lot of traditional medicine has used plants and other natural products to aid in the body's infections, and they can help your skin as well. 
    • Part of Holistic Wellness - Every aspect of your life should contribute to your overall wellness, including your skincare products. By choosing natural skincare products, you're making a healthy lifestyle decision that considers the health of your body and the environment. A holistic approach to skincare also seeks to remedy the causes of any skin issues you're having, rather than just treating the symptoms. Your skincare routine should leave you feeling refreshed and good at the end. Choosing healthy products will only add to that. Botanical ingredients will leave your skin feeling amazing and the rest of you feeling rejuvenated.
    • Reduces Scarring - If you have moderate to mild acne scarring or discolouration there are many botanical ingredients can help alleviate those issues. 
    • Remove Pollution from Skin - Cleansing your face at the end of the day is essential to removing dirt and grime. However, there's not just dust and dirt sitting on your face. You often have chemical pollution from your environment on your skin. A high-quality facial cleanser that contains natural botanical ingredients will not only remove the dirt but the bacteria from pollution as well. It will cleanse your skin, resulting in calmer and smoother skin.
  • Price
  • Our products are made with care in Canada with quality ingredients for a fair price.  Our goal is to bring clean and sustainable performance based botanical skincare products that are affordable and accessible to all Canadians.  This is what helps add to our claim of Glomalin being the best organic skincare in Canada.

    I think you will agree and definitely, you will once you try our products, that Glomalin delivers on ingredients, performance and price to make us the “Best Natural and Best Organic Skincare in Canada”  Why not give your loved one our best seller, Moisturizing Face Cream this Valentines Day, we will give you one free with every online order for the month of February.  

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