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I had a dry spot just below my eye for over a decade, no success with the dermatologist. I was given a sample of the Glomalin Moisturizing Face Cream and after 2 days it was gone! This product is truly amazing!

St Stephen, NB


Glomalin Anti Aging Face Serum is the best thing I've had on my skin in my life!

St Andrews, NB


I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I have been enjoying your products.  I first learned about your products when I was at Harmony Whole Foods in Orangeville.  When I saw how clean your ingredients were and that you were local I was so excited.  I value supporting local and wanted to buy directly from you.  I was even more impressed when my package was delivered to my door in less than 24 hours!  I was shocked when my husband told me my products arrived.  Everything smells great and feels uper nourishing on the skin.  The winter hand balm has been a life saver as my hands get super dry in the winter.  I noticed you also included a complimentary lip balm which I absolutely love.  Its so hydrating on the lips and I love the light orange scent.  Thank you again for making these products.

Orangeville, ON


Your Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream is the best body cream I have ever tried!!!  The only thing that comes close is pure Shea Butter and your product is less of hassle to use, which is amazing.  I LOVE it!

Toronto, ON


I'm looking forward to receiving the order!  My sister had gone to the Woman's show in Ottawa which is where she received a sample of your Moisturizing Face Cream.  She gave it to me and now you have two customers! 

My background is in the Cosmetic's industry and I have always used high end products .... and have been very skeptical of less expensive and 'the natural' products!  You've converted my opinions by 180 degrees... your face cream is excellent!  My sister thinks so too.

I'm also impressed by how quickly my order was processed and by this added customer service touch!  I teach in the cosmetic's program at Seneca College in Toronto and will certainly be using this experience to share with our students on how business should be done!  I am completely addicted to these products.  I have been using them for 2 weeks now and I just love them.  I love, love, love it! It really leaves my skin feeling so soft.  When I used my store-bought cream, I found that within 15 minutes my skin felt dry again.  I love the light fragrance too.

Toronto, ON


I came across your products (3pc travel pack) in a swag bag my parents had received. After using them for almost 2 weeks, I was hooked. Best products I've used on my face EVER! Most facial creams tend to bring on acne breakouts, toners dry out my forehead too much.  I already use essential oils at home, but the complete combination of ingredients in your items is perfect. My skin is happy and looks great.

Woodstock, ON


I absolutely love them and was eager to try more. I've been using the samples exclusively for about 2 weeks (trying to stretch out every last bit!). I will happily spread the word, too. I am really happy with this skincare. I strive to use nothing but simple and organic products and this really hit the spot!

Haliburton, ON


These past 2 years I've been on a quest to find a skin care line I can 'settle' with. This is my 5th skin care line and after the first use I just knew this was it. Arriving at work, after a weekend of use, two of my co-workers commented on how nice my skin was. Putting hand to face is a real pleasure when the softness greets it.

Toronto, ON


The rich application and nourishment of Glomalin immediately felt great, however, it was the light weightless feeling that resided on my skin that impressed me most. It feels like a complete overhaul on my skin to rebalance moisture.

I knew my skin felt great but within 48 hours of using Glomalin, first thing in the morning, via FaceTime,  both my younger sister AND husband commented on how youthful and fresh I looked! I was officially in love from that point forward. I appreciate the sourcing and conscience behind the products and how they support my beliefs and make me look and feel fabulous!

Orangeville, ON


I just received my order, thanks so much for the lip balm! I have been wanting to try it. I started using the face cream about four months ago because I was looking to switch to something cruelty free and chemical free, and someone in Harmony recommended your products and I was not disappointed! My two friends also use the same cream as well now and love it just as much! Just wanted to let you know that you have a very happy customer! 🙂

Barrie, ON


I really love Glomalin's skincare products! Their hand and body lotion is my new favorite and is an essential part of my skincare routine. It feels so buttery smooth, smells great, and has ingredients that I feel really good about, not to mention the prices are so affordable for the quality of the products. The best part of this company is that they're Canadian and this product is made locally!

Toronto, ON


I came across Glomalin in a gift bag at a fashion show. I received a sample of the Anti-aging Face Serum and loved it. When I eventually used it up, I googled the name and was so pleasantly surprised to find out it was a local brand, and very affordable. I am a lover of natural ingredients both in my skin care and food, so I was pleasantly surprised to find all-natural ingredients in this wonderful product. I order more of the anti-aging serum as well as many other products, eye cream, face cream, lip balm and many more. In short - I'm addicted. 

Orangeville, ON


I am a thirty-six-year-old woman with semi-sensitive, average (not too oily or dry) skin. I was brought up on Nivea cream imported from Germany and had found that to be the only product that nourished, or so I thought, my skin enough that it didn't dry out during the day. I had tried a few others over the years such as Ponds and some sort of "natural" version of Nivea but found that they both absorbed so quickly and in turn dried out my skin. Not to mention red blotches and dryness. So I stuck to plain, old Nivea. I began working at a health food store that also carried a number of organic and natural skin-care products, none of which ever worked for my skin. From drying it out to rashes, etc. So once again, back to Nivea.   Now that I am thirty-six and a working mum that stresses entirely too much, I realized that I would like something "better". That I'd try again. Something that would reduce my crow's feet and little wrinkles as well as something that would sooth and help firm up my skin. (It's weird when things begin to sag!). So, Angella came by my store and gave me some samples of Glomalin. I was somewhat hesitant because I had had such bad "luck" with many other products but thought, it's local, natural and something new and I need something for my aging skin. So I tried the anti-aging face serum as well as the rose water toner and the moisturizing face cream. I have NEVER used anything SO perfect! After washing my face with warm water and a gentle, natural cleaner, I spray on a spritz or two of the lovely-smelling rose water toner and instantly my face looks even-toned and feels "happy" and soft. Then in the morning I apply the face cream. It is not heavy and has a gentle scent and it literally keep my face even and moisturized all day in all weather...cold, sun and rain! Then in the evening I cleanse again, use the toner and apply the serum. At that point it's like my face is in a spa. The oils in the serum are so soothing and keep my face feeling light and soft all night. I actually look forward, truthfully, to my night-time face-care regime. I also suffer from eczema around my eyes and since using the serum, my eyes are SO much better! I can honestly say that Glomalin has been a God-send and I will never go back! That's why I carry it in my shoppe!

Grounded Roots Shoppe
Shelburne, ON


My mother is a medical intuitive who does incredible body healing sessions and you met her at the (Whole Life) show.
She works every day with essential oils and gemstones - as do I.
I want you to know both of us are IN LOVE with your face cream!!!
It’s magical.
It’s beautiful.
It’s healing and vibrationally connected to divine.
Thank you so much for creating it!

Namaste & Respect,
Amy Pearl & Grettal Fryszberg.
fb: Activatinghealth
Instagram: @amy_pearl_butter


We met briefly at a Christmas fair at Dufferin Child and Family Services last year.  We chatted about your products, and I gave you some contacts for potential retail locations in Grand Valley.  You gave me a small sample jar of moisturizing face cream.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  My son's hands were incredibly dry, almost chapped.  After reading an article about how the ingredients in regular commercial brand moisturizers don't actually do anything to aid dry skin, I remembered I had the Glomalin sample.  A little bit went a long way, and before long, his hands were doing much better.  When we were almost finished the sample, I purchased a container of Glomalin hand cream at Harmony in Orangeville.  We have all been using it.  It smells wonderful, and feels incredible on our skin.  After a few more consistent days of use, my son's hands were back to normal.  He commented, "My hands are so soft.  They've never felt this good."  I wanted to share that with you.  Thank you for creating such a beneficial skin care line.  I look forward to trying more products.

Amaranth, ON