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Keep Skin Healthy Even When Traveling

Keep Skin Healthy Even When Traveling

If you are planning to get away this holiday season make sure plan to keep your skin healthy, even when traveling.

 free skincare travel pack

Getting Away This Holiday Season?

This time of year gets me thinking about time away from work and spending holidays and vacation time with family and friends.   

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It is so important when you travel to maintain your skincare routine.  And it’s always great when you have travel sized packages of your favorite skin care products with you.  That’s why Glomalin® has put together a travel pack of our best selling products which just happen to be the three products that work the best together when caring for your face.  


Daily Skin Care Routine

My daily routine includes a morning spritz of Rosewater Toner followed by our Moisturizing Face Cream and before bedtime every night I treat myself to our Anti-Aging Serum.  For added holiday sparkle, I will cleanse my face before a party and apply our Anti-Aging Serum, it encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin and gives you wonderful healthy colour before any festive occasion. Apply your makeup as usual and you are ready to wow at your next holiday get together or just wow family in our friends and family bubble.  With these 3 secret weapons in my bag, I can get off a long flight or spend the day in the sun or snow and still have skin that looks rested and refreshed.  


Glomalin Holiday FREE Travel Pack

With that said, Glomalin’s present to you this holiday season, is a free travel pack that includes; 1- oz Rosewater Toner, 1/8th - oz Moisturizing Face Cream and 1/8th - oz Anti-Aging Serum with every online order, retail value $10.99.

Glomalin® & You Looking Good this Holiday Season


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