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Winter Hand Balm

Winter Hand Balm

Have you ever had a chilblain? Do you even know what a chilblain is? According to google; Chilblains (CHILL-blayns) are the painful inflammation of small blood vessels in your skin that occur in response to repeated exposure to cold but not freezing air. 

If you have ever had to do things outside in the winter that require you to expose your skin to the cold, you might have had the painful experience of Chilblains. Well, we have the solution for you; Glomalin® Winter Hand Balm, a rich thick cream that when slathered on affected areas helps to heal and protect the exposed skin making it soft and supple once again.  Our Winter Hand Balm is a rich cream that contains a couple of superstars, such as Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters.

Rich in Vitamins A, E and F, Shea Butter is a natural emollient that nourishes skin to promote its clarity and health. Its moisturizing, circulation-boosting, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular ingredient for use in products that address skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, dark spots, discolorations, stretch marks, and blemishes. Whether skin is dry or oily, Shea Butter balances its oil production without clogging pores. It melts at body temperature and is known to soothe and hydrate mature skin as well as skin that has been damaged by the harsh effects of the elements.

Cocoa Butter melts at body temperature and works to naturally soothe dry, sensitive skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of scars and unwanted marks. Its richness in vitamins and antioxidants makes it ideal for use as a moisturizer that promotes skin health and relieves the itching, chapping, peeling, or burning discomfort associated with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. By creating a protective barrier between skin and the harsh, weathering environmental elements, Cocoa Butter’s saturated fats allow skin to retain its required moisture, thereby restoring the health of by remaining on the skin for hours despite being easily absorbed.

Glomalin® Winter Hand Balm also contains Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Used cosmetically or topically in general, Orange Oil is known to be beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness. In doing so, it reduces the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions. When applied to skin, Orange Oil’s astringent property contributes anti-aging benefits. It also works as a tonic that cleanses and detoxifies the skin while diminishing the appearance of pores. These properties make Orange Oil an ideal ingredient for moisturizers and cleansers that nourish skin, soothe dryness and irritation, eliminate harmful bacteria, enhance collagen production, and plump, smooth, and brighten the complexion. When applied to calluses, especially on the feet, Orange Oil is known to make an effective treatment that softens while hydrating.


Our Winter Hand Balm is truly a balm to the skin, use it on cold affected areas or also on dry and callused feet, the results will truly astound you.  From January 1 – 15, 2022 all online orders will receive a free 1 oz Winter Hand Balm absolutely free with every purchase!  Shop Now.

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